Anti wrinkle injections treatment in Sandwell, Birmingham UK

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Birmingham

Forehead Wrinkles | Crow’s Feet | Vertical Frown Lines | Nose Wrinkles


Wrinkles..We all get them. It’s just a part of our natural aging process and they normally appear in the areas used to create constant facial expressions. Think frown lines or laughter lines (around the eyes) 


The muscles that cause these wrinkles to appear, can be relaxed with anti wrinkle injections.

forehead Wrinkle relaxing in cradley heath, sandwell, birmingham UK at Skin IQ

Get rid of deep forehead wrinkles in Birmingham


There are 2 types of wrinkles that appear on our foreheads.

  • Horizontal lines you get when you’re surprised, stressed or simply looking up. They run across your forehead, tend to deepen with age and can even be visible when your face is relaxed.
  • Vertical lines you get when you are under pressure, or frowning. They resemble number 11 and appear between your eyebrows. They could make you look tired or grumpy.   

The muscles responsible for these movements can be temporarily relaxed with a Botulinum toxin injection. This in turn reduces and can even eliminate these wrinkles.


Soften wrinkles around your eyes ( Crow’s Feet )


These lines appear at the corner of your eyes either while smiling, or laughing. They expand over time due to sun exposure, smoking and the aging process. They are sometimes referred to as Crow’s Feet (they resemble a bird’s toes).

At Skin IQ we can relax the muscle around your eye (Obicularis Oculi) with precise injections and tighten the skin of your eyelid, lifting your eyebrows slightly.


Soften wrinkles on your nose ( Bunny Lines )


These lines are visible on the ridge of your nose and they become more apparent as you age, due to constant facial expressions (smiling, frowning). We might find it cute when a rabbit twitches and wrinkles it’s nose, but we’re probably less keen to see the deep wrinkles on our noses. 

Botulinum toxin can help relax the Nasalis muscle and effectively soften these lines for a more youthful look.


Erase the unflattering lip lines ( Smoker’s Lines)


They normally form on top of your lips and even around them. Lip lines are not as deep as forehead wrinkles, but over time a lot of them can form in one area  and are very hard to conceal.

The most obvious cause is smoking, due to the toxins that accelerate the breakdown of elastin and collagen, but also repeated actions such tightening your lips around the cigarette/vape. 

Never smoked, but still have smoker’s lines? Well, that could be due to a similar (repeated) movement of your lips. Think drinking from a straw, taking duck-face selfies many times a day, or perhaps just a habit of sucking your lips. Oh, and let’s not forget UV rays, which are responsible for most of our skin aging process.

If you wish to soften the lip lines, we can help.  


Frequently asked questions


  • How often do I need Line Relaxing treatments?

In general, Botulinum toxin treatments last around 3-4 months. For some clients it may last a little longer or shorter. It is normal for the first ever treatment to last a bit shorter, with subsequent procedures lasting longer. 

  • What is the price of Anti-Wrinkle treatments in Birmingham?

We try to maintain very affordable prices for our line relaxing services. Visit our TREATMENT PRICES page for our other aesthetic treatment costs.

1 Area £150
2 Area £200
3 Area £240
Gummy Smile £70
Bunny Lines £70
Chin Relaxing £70
Lip Lines (smokers lines) £70
Masseter relaxing (facial slimming) £120
Neck Lift £200
  • How to look after it?

Do not rub the injected areas for at least 1 day after treatment.

You can do some light exercise such as walking, but try to avoid heavy exercise for a few days after treatment.

Some light face exercise is ideal. Try to gently frown, smile and practice other facial expressions.

Avoid sleeping on the treated area. For example if you’ve had a treatment around the corners of your eyes, avoid sleeping on your sides. Instead try sleeping on your back for the first night.


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