underarm perspiration injections in cradley heath, sandwell near Birmingham

Underarm Perspiration Injections in Birmingham

Bye-Bye Sweathy Armpits


Do you sweat? Of course, you do. It is normal to sweat! When your body temperature rises, your nervous system signals your perspiration glands to open to cool you down. However, in some people, the glands are overactive, and it results in excessive sweating.


Medically, this condition is termed hyperhidrosis. People tend to blame antiperspirant products for being faulty, instead of realizing that they might be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Why are sweaty armpits an issue?


It is obvious that sweaty armpits make people uncomfortable in social situations. Not only is your movement restricted (you are unable to do tasks that require stretching your arms wide open), you end up smelling foul most of the time.

Naturally, the stains under your arms may make you seem nervous and weak and lessens your self-confidence. It also damages your clothes permanently and having to buy new clothes frequently doesn’t come cheap.

It is too much trouble to bear! But the good news is that Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic has a solution for you: Underarm perspiration injections. Let’s get rid of the sweaty armpits and their drama permanently.


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How do underarm perspiration injections work?


Botulinum Toxin injections have proven effective and safe against underarm excessive sweating. It is an FDA approved procedure, which is widely practiced globally. This procedure simply blocks the sweat glands, when injected into the underarm area. The nerves which signal the glands are paralyzed and without the signal, the glands do not release perspiration.

The process of getting the injections is straightforward. A licensed practitioner will inject the Botulinum toxin into the desired body part with a fine needle. Several injections are given in a grid pattern around the concerned body area. If needed, the doctor will numb the area beforehand. The entire procedure can be done in one sitting, though you might be asked to come for a second visit for a follow-up.


  • Before the treatment: Precautions

We ask you to not shave or wax the armpits for a few days before the procedure. If you are taking blood thinners or any other medication, please let us know beforehand.


  • After the treatment: Expectations

You can go straight to work after the procedure. The injections take 3 to 7 days to start working to their full potential. You will notice visible changes in your sweating. You should schedule a follow-up appointment after two weeks so that the doctor can see if any spots were missed.

This is a temporary procedure, so it is advisable to repeat the anti perspiration treatment every six months. However, we will advise and give you more information on the day.


Are anti-sweat injections safe?


Yes. Injecting Botulinum Toxin is a widely practiced and researched medical procedure. Getting underarm perspiration fixed through these injections is a safe and effective solution. Most people safely tolerate the injections, and rarely display any side-effects. Common side effects include:

  • Minor pain in the area after inoculation
  • Slight bruising at the injection site
  • Headache

All of these are temporary and subside in a few hours or a day or so.


What is the price of underarm perspiration injections in Birmingham?


At Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic we charge £350 for each excessive sweating treatment. (Hyperhidrosis)

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