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Rejuvenate Your Face With Microneedling in Birmingham

Acne | Fine Lines | Large Pores | Reduced Skin Elasticity


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment designed to promote skin rejuvenation through collagen induction. Through this procedure we “trick” your body into producing more collagen for your skin. Hence the name Collagen Induction Therapy.


As you may know, Collagen is a protein in your body that’s responsible for your skin’s elasticity, strength, hydration (and many more important functions)

The benefits of microneedling

& The Power of Collagen Production


  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating your body to produce new skin cells
  • Treat scars such as acne
  • Fight saggy skin by improving your skin structure
  • Invigorate you sun damaged skin
  • Shrink your skin pores
  • Reduce stretch marks (pregnancy / bodybuilding)
  • Improve the efficiency of other skin products or treatments such as PRP
  • Very few side effects

Get in touch with Skin IQ if you are not sure whether Microneedling is right for you. We can advise you over the phone, or see you in person for a free consultation at our private clinic in Cradley Heath (near Birmingham). We strive to give our best advice and never pressure you into booking any treatments.


How does it work?


We first cleanse your face, then apply numbing cream to the area.

Around 15 minutes later, we start running the microneedling pen and gently start “massaging” your skin with it. At the tip of our tool you’ll find the micro needles which move up and down rapidly in order to create tiny punctures into your skin. 

“Why would you hurt the skin?” You might ask.

Well, our bodies treat this as any other wound, sending in more collagen and elastin to “repair the damage”. And since there is no major damage to your skin, the extra resources end up improving your skin.

Some of our clients sometimes confuse Microneedling with the Vampire facial (PRP), but they are not the same procedure. Although, we can combine the 2 for a more advanced treatment. Read more about our PRP treatment here.


How painful is microneedling?


Not as much as you think! Our clients say that it’s similar to getting a tattoo, but not as painful. (waxing is a LOT worse)

The tiny needles only puncture the surface of the skin which can get quite uncomfortable, but the numbing cream does a good job taking the pain away. The forehead area is normally a bit more sensitive.

The treatment is straight forward and the discomfort doesn’t linger after the procedure. A session could last up to 1 hour with consultation, prep work, face + neck treatment and the aftercare.


How many microneedling sessions do I need?


If your skin is quite healthy, then you could have sessions every 3-6 months.

Someone with acne scarring might need 4-6 session (1 per month) and then come for touch ups once a year.

When you come in, we would advise you on the best course of action based on your skin and what you would like to achieve. 


What is the price of microneedling in Birmingham?


At Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic we charge £150 for each microneedling session and we have packages available for more sessions.

If you are curious about our other aesthetic treatment costs, then visit our TREATMENT PRICES page.


Microneedling aftercare. What happens after?


Right after your session you should expect some redness resembling a sunburn. Your skin is irritated by the tiny punctures, but that will get better throughout the day and it should be gone withing a few days. 

You could resume your daily activities the next day, but if you’re uncomfortable going out with a slightly irritated skin, then you can camouflage it using small amounts of makeup during the first few days. Try to avoid makeup straight after the session.

  • Protect your skin from the sun as much as possible using at least SPF-30 sunscreen (ideally chemical free)
  • Keep your skin hydrated. We advise Hyaluronic Acid Serum as that could increase the production of collagen, but something like coconut oil also does the trick. Also remember to regularly cleanse your face with a mild cleanser.
  • Avoid abrasive products such as scrubs for a few days.
  • Avoid gym or sauna for 24 hours as excessive sweating could cause skin inflammation.


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