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Fat Dissolving Injections in Birmingham

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Are you struggling with an area of your body that holds fat no matter how much exercise or dieting you do? If you’re looking for an easier option to get in shape, or sculpt a part of your body, then you’ve found it!


The injections contain natural substances that can dissolve fat in a specific area by liquefying the fat cells. Your lymphatic system then gets rid of these much easier.

Why choose weight loss injections?


There is no need to go under the knife and spend time in the hospital anymore as this non surgical treatment can be just as effective.

  • Permanent results. This treatment is gaining massive popularity due to the results which can be achieved. You can target smaller areas around your neck, as well as larger areas such as back, hips or stomach. The targeted fat cells are destroyed permanently. 
  • Fast & hassle free. Compared to other surgical procedures (such as liposuction) it is a lot more convenient. Fat dissolving injections don’t require much healing, or down time and in most cases you don’t need any time off work.
  • Cheaper than alternatives. Compared to most other weigh loss surgical treatments available, this is a cheaper alternative.
  • Safe treatment. Injection lipolysis is proven to be safe if carried out by a trained professional. 
  • Increased confidence. Improving your physical appearance, has a domino effect on your general well being. You could expect to fell much better mentally as well.


When do I see results?


Even though this is a fast procedure, the results are not immediate. This is because your body takes time to break down and get rid of the unwanted fat cells.

Be prepared to wait for up to 6 weeks for noticeable results to show. At this point you may need to follow up with one more session depending on the size of the area and the overall result that you are trying to achieve. A treatment on your back for instance might require 3 or 4 sessions.

We advise our clients to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to maintain the results. 


How painful are fat dissolving injections? Are they safe?


We apply a local anesthetic before starting the treatment. Clients report mild pain but are generally comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

Fat dissolving injections are a very straight forward procedure, so there is not much that could go wrong if carried out by a trained professional. Apart from the mild pain during the treatment, you can expect swelling and some bruising ranging from a few days to a week after the treatment. In rare cases the pain can persist for a short while. Don’t be alarmed, as these side effects are normal and it shows that the treatment is working for you.

Other less common side effects could include itching, sensitivity to pressure and a hot feeling around the injection spots.

Please note that the treatment is not advised if you are pregnant/lactating, or if you have health conditions such as diabetes, skin issues, liver or kidney disease. Please discuss any health condition with us before deciding to go with the treatment.


What is the price of fat dissolving treatments in Birmingham?


At Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic we charge £200 per area for each session. Depending on the results you wish to achieve, you may need multiple sessions. We will advise you once you get in touch.

If you are curious about our other aesthetic treatment costs, then visit our TREATMENT PRICES page.


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