Hair Restoration Using PRP and PRF in Birmingham


PRP therapy has been proven to be beneficial in growing hair and also preventing the loss of hair from the scalp. Furthermore, PRP therapy has been known to be more effective than minoxidil.

Hair Restoration Cycle


Loss of hair, or in other words baldness, has been a common occurrence. The reason can be many, ranging from age to hormonal changes, to side effects of chemotherapy. The hair grows in a cycle divided into three phases. The final stage is when a hair follicle enters a resting phase after which it falls. Then the cycle should begin again in the same follicle. When the cycle fails to repeat, then the person experiences loss of hair.


Hair Loss Differs For Each Individual


Not everyone has the same pattern of baldness. This is in part because of genes, hormones, medicine, and the immune system. Loss of hair can start early in your teens and into the twenties while some experience loss of hair in their 50s and 60s. 

It was reported in a study that men experiencing loss of hair or baldness felt a decrease in their confidence level as well as their self-esteem. 

It is better to address the loss of hair early on, as early interventions not only restore hair but also prevent further loss of hair. 


Hair Restoration Solutions


Hair restoration procedures and techniques have been popular for so long. Sure! Hair transplant does wonders, but there are some other less invasive methods such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy, which in recent years, has been deemed beneficial. Let’s explore! 


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP Therapy)

  • How is PRP extracted?

The blood is taken from the patient which is then centrifuged. During this step, the dense substances present inside the blood settle at the bottom of the tube while the less dense part floats on top in a test tube. In this way, the components of blood are separated and plasma-rich platelets (PRP) are attained. The addition of an anti-coagulant leads to the formation of plasma-rich fibrin (PRF).  

  • How is PRP done?

A syringe is filled with platelet-rich plasma, which is then injected into the scalp. Simple as that!

  • Is PRP therapy effective?

PRP therapy has been proven to be beneficial in growing hair and also preventing the loss of hair from the scalp. Furthermore, PRP therapy has been known to be more effective than minoxidil. 

You get to have healthier and thicker hair! Note that it takes about 1-3 months for the hair to grow after the therapy. 

  • Does PRP have any side effects?

PRP therapy comes with some side effects that include mild pain at the site of the injection and the scalp may become tender for some time. 


Plasma-Rich Fibrin (PRF Therapy)


Fibrin mesh trapping large quantities of platelets leads to the formation of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). The purpose of PRF therapy is to enhance the process of healing. However, PRF also enjoys its role in treating loss of hair. 

  • Benefits of PRF therapy?

  1. The PRF therapy works best if it is started within five years of loss of hair. The earlier, the better!
  2. Helps in growing hair back, especially loss of hair as a result of androgenic alopecia which is the most common cause of loss of hair.
  3. PRF treats the thinning of hair caused by repeated hairstyles that pull hair. 
  4. Helps in the growth of hair that has undergone an inhibited phase.


  • Does PRF have any side effects?

The process of PRF therapy involves the use of injections and you may experience pain, slight bleeding, or irritation at the site of injection. 


What is the Price of PRP and PRF Therapy?

Treating hair loss with PRP and PRF is a cost effective solution. At Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic we charge £295 per session.

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